We’re a new kind of multi-disciplinary healthcare centre.

Wellness is for everyone. We help you stay healthier and happier with personalised services. Experience exceptional care where our nurses and doctors know your name.

Bowtie and JP Partners Medical moving healthcare forward

Hong Kong, we have a problem

HK's healthcare is overly focused on acute illnesses. Few people focus on long term preventive care. We visit doctors after we get sick, and rarely before.

And when we do see a doctor, we only get little time with the doctor who is often too busy treating too many patients. We wait for hours to see a doctor for a few minutes.

Make a change: Bowtie and JP collaborate to care much earlier

Bowtie & JP Health is co-founded by Hong Kong’s first virtual insurer Bowtie, and a leading primary care provider JP Partners Medical. We both aim to leverage technology to give you better personalised primary care.

We bring together a high calibre team of medical doctors, health specialists, software engineers and insurance leaders. Both of us share the same mission to refocus on wellness and preventive care for Hong Kong people.

Preventive care is our way

Our personalised services are designed around the client. We spend time understanding your overall health, not just symptoms.

Our goal is to help our customers stay healthier, happier and for longer.

Dr Jacky Lio

Bowtie's Chief Medical Officer

We’re excited to further enhance primary care in Hong Kong together.

Dr Kelvin Chong

JP Partners Medical CEO

Bowtie is Hong Kong’s first virtual insurance company that changes how people access healthcare.


JP Partners Medical is a primary care provider, serving communities with comprehensive healthcare for over 15 years.